Thursday, 26 November 2015

The five tigers and the big bad bull.

Once upon a time there lived a big tiger named Vicki and four little tigers .They lived in a
cave in Africa on the plans near  a lake and under trees .Also living here on the plans is a pack of lions and the meanest bulls in the world .They were so mean because They charge at the lion and the tigers.They were the meanest bulls Because They are tired and I want to be friends.Vicki was taking the little tigers on a jungle Adventure at the end they went home but the
bad bulls came and trapped them and then the pride of lions came and distracted the bulls then they  were friends but the bulls just wanted to be friends so were as well all friends then they lived happily after.

                               My reftectshon 
               I had lots of fun doing this What I need to work on is to choose a diffrint story to go with and i love tigers.

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