Thursday, 26 November 2015

Put your hands up if you get bored playing a game that is SO short?Well I know what game for you to play.You can play sorcery. Hi today I am going  to tell you what Sorcery is all about.

Sorcery is a P.S.3 game and full of good and evil magic and made in the 2012 it has changed a lot from the years .

Now i am going to tell you characters Finn is a young apprentice and a fairy princess who is called Eirlin then turned into a cat and dash who is teaching Fin  .
How to get money
to get money you will have to break the pots and money will fall out and you can sell your items for money and to do that you have to.
Make decisions:to use the right spells the right potions and stopping at the right time

so think you will have fun playing this cool game of mine?

I am learning to say my speech out loud.

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