Friday, 13 November 2015

Teakone do comp

On Saturday my family and I went to the taekwon do competition called Grassroots .We got there at 8.30 .We started the competition at 8.35 and I was fight number 6 / 29 / 36 and 39.My sister was fight number 7 13 19 and I won 2 times, then lost twice and it was fun.Then I went to get my two silver medals from Master Mike. After that I got a hot-dog for two dollars. I got it from the lunch room.Then Tanesha helped me make some daisy chains.Next we saw Master Mike, the leader of Taekwondo our Master who moved into a new club because his Mom died. However, his sister is not fit so he goes to Tauranga and he named the club The Northern Star Taekwondo. Next we went into the car and went home. When we went home I got a P.S.3 video game called Terraia .It was $ 5.39 dollars then I played the game with my family and they say so fun then it was time to go to bed the end.

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My reflection for taekwondo.

I had lots of fun at my competition mostly
it is on the work so what I need to work on
is high kicks and side kicks and speed.

My reflection for the story

I loved the story I made and I still do taekwondo
what I need to do better in my story is
to put information in so then it make more
sense .

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