Friday, 25 September 2015

Adding adjectives

My Reflection
I Am learning to add adjectives to give my sentences more meaning. I have to remember to use adjectives that make the picture clear for my reader. I thought this activity was fun because I got to do my own words. My best adjective was damp because I’ve never used it in a sentence before. My next step is to use adjectives in my own stories to make them interesting.

Geometry - 3D shapes

My reflection

I am learning to recognise and describe 3.D shapes using mathematical language.I found it easy because i have seen shapes like these before.My next step is to

Finding Adjectives

my refectshon 
I have been learning to find adjectives .this was easy becase I know about adjectives.  My next step is to use it in my writing. 

Learning about fractions

What is a fair share ? It means everyone gets the same size part or same number
What is the numerator ? the number that is shaded
What is the denomin ? it means the number at the top
What does equal mean ? It means the same
What does a fracsoin look like ? bottom number in the whole many parts in the whole

my recount

I have been learning about fractions and to cut in half.  I found this hard because I'm still not sure about fractions.  My next step is to keep learning more.

My Colour Poem

                                           My recount
I have been learning to write a colour poem. 
 I found this hard beacase i was thinking about if it made sence and it was fun.  My next step is to try a different colour.